9 Pro Tips for Clothing Shopping As a Plus Size Woman

9 Pro Tips for Clothing Shopping As a Plus Size Woman - JC Sensuality Fashion

A shopping trip is simply retail therapy, no matter who you are or what you wear. Here are 5 pro tips for clothing shopping as a plus size woman.

Just a quick look at the American fashion industry and you'll see a world of color and fabrics and beauty. Unless you're shopping plus size, and suddenly all the excitement goes away. 

Ten years ago, there were hardly any fashion designers that catered to women of a larger size and even fewer who were creating plus size garments that genuinely inspired self-assurance, chicness, and sexuality. Since then, several labels and designers have developed to cater to women of larger stature. Also, inspiring and fun shows, like Lizzo's "Watch Out For The Big Grrls," can always give us a bit of a confidence boost.

Read on for our breakdown of the key nine tips that will bring back the fun of shopping plus size clothing.

1. Plus Size or Not: Accept Your Tummy and Thighs

So, you're somewhat plump, either in the stomach or the thigh department, or both. That's because there's more of you to adore.

As plus-size women, we are constantly pressured to dress in formless garments that will help us blend into the background. Avoid doing it. Don't try to hide your physique by wearing loose clothing since it will make you seem even less confident in your appearance.

Instead, learn your body type and dress in a way that highlights your best features. For example, you can learn all about picking flattering dresses here.

2. Have It Tailored

Having access to a tailor may really improve one's quality of life. Extra-large ladies almost never find a great fit in ready-to-wear.

A tailor would be useful now. Ever buy a blazer in your size just to find that it won't button, and the next size up is far too big?

A tailor may take in the excess material from the larger size to make the blazer seem as if it were made for your physique. Pants and jeans are the same.

3. Don’t (Completely) Discount Regular-Sized Brands

It may come as a surprise to you, but many retailers who don't advertise plus sizes really provide designs that can be adjusted to fit curvier figures. Both Ann Taylor and Loft offer sizing up to a size 18 and even a size 16 small.

The online Gap shop offers sizes up to XXL and 20 in a variety of styles. Pants designed for women with fuller figures are available at retailers like Loft and Ann Taylor.

However, your first stop should always be brands that cater to plus sized women. For example, how cute is this top collection?

4. Always Have Your Measurements on Hand

Because various brands have varying sizing standards, buying online may be a bit of a pain.

It's not always possible to purchase two different sizes and try them out to determine which one works best. A size chart is helpful in this situation. Obtain a measuring tape and take your measures at the waist, hips, thighs, and chest.

Compare these numbers to the ones on the company's size chart. You may use this information to figure out if you need to size up or down.

5. Spot the Differences Between Junior and Women’s Plus Sizes

The more on-trend plus size labels tend to run smaller, in the junior plus size range.

If you normally wear a size 1X-14/16 but have to settle for a 3X-22/24, don't freak out. In the juniors' market, sizes tend to be categorized by both odd and even numbers. Some plus size women's companies provide sizes 14/16 and 18/20, whereas junior plus size brands often offer sizes 13/14 and 15/16.

Teenagers, therefore, are the intended target market for junior sizes. Women who are a size 12 or larger (the woman's plus category) may find that junior sizes fit, however it is important to double-check the size chart before making any purchases.

6. Keep Some Chub Rub in Your Bag

The chaffing that results from your inner thighs rubbing together, often known as chub rub, is not limited to those who are overweight.

Since we want to show off our attractive legs in shorts, skirts, and dresses in the spring and summer, this is a common problem throughout those seasons. We discovered that chaffing creams are effective in preventing and treating chub rub. It's worth it to buy in bulk if you can. Every plus-size woman needs to have one in her fashion arsenal.

7. Take Your Time Choosing the Perfect Pair of Jeans

A good pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple that can never let you down.

Finding a decent pair of jeans is crucial, since you may use them for both casual and formal occasions. Always remember to squat down into a pair of jeans to check for comfort and fit before buying them.

8. Ignore the Rules

Forget about the traditional conventions of fashion when it comes to dressing and buying for your plus size physique.

Bigger ladies may wear horizontal stripes. Yes, ladies of a larger stature may and should wear bright colors in ways other than scarves.

Certainly, ladies of larger stature can and do wear shorts. Finding a suitable shape and style that flatters your figure is the most important step. 

9. Do Not Put Off Looking Nice Till You Lose Weight

Whether or whether you are currently attempting to shed pounds, you owe it to yourself to feel and look your best at all times.

Good taste has nothing to do with body size. Knowing your body and what works for it is the key. You may wear that slinky dress now, even if you're planning on shedding 10 pounds at some point.

Shopping Plus Size Done Right

There can be joy in clothes shopping plus size or otherwise. It takes a bit more effort and understanding of the current fashion landscape. But, we hope that our article helped with that and gave you some confidence to go out there and live your best life in style. 

The next step to reworking fashion rules in your favor would be checking out our news section. There you'll find all the additional tips and advice on putting together the outfit of your dreams.