Be the Best Dressed: A Guide to Flattering Dresses for Curvy Women

Dresses are the perfect way to show off your curves. Our fashion gurus reveal the most flattering dresses for curvy women here.

A guide to flattering dresses for curvy bwomen

Did you know that nearly 70% of American women wear plus-sized clothing? While this is the majority, clothing companies aren't marketing their clothes for plus-sized women, which means it's that much harder to find styles that flatter and accentuate your curves.

Luckily, if you know what to look for, there is a whole market of fabulous clothes that will make you feel as beautiful as you are. So, keep reading to find out what the most flattering dresses for curvy women are today.

Know Your Body Type

It is important to figure out your body type before you even start looking at clothes, as this knowledge will help guide you to the best dresses for your shape.

While there are thousands of different body shapes, most people fall into one of the following categories:

  • Straight (your bust and shoulders are almost the same measurements as your hips)
  • Hourglass (larger chest and curvier hips with shoulders and hips that are the same width)
  • Apple (you have balanced shoulders and hips with a curvier upper body)
  • Pear (narrow frame in the shoulders and bust and fuller in the waist and hips)
  • Full bust (your top half is larger than your bottom)

If you're still unsure which shape you are, you can use a body type calculator to help you. While a body type calculator can help you pinpoint your shape, measurement and how your body actually looks can differ. So if you feel you fall into a body type, but the calculator differs, you'll need to decide which shape you truly are.

Once you've figured out your body type, you can start looking at all the modern styles available.

A-Line Dresses

A-line dresses are always a winner, no matter your shape or size. These dresses have a fitted top and torso that then flares out at the waist in a triangular shape. The goal of this dress shape is to create the impression of an hourglass shape, even if you aren't one.

A-line dresses are flattering in all sizes, but they truly shine when it comes to plus-size clothing.

If you are afraid that the dress might be too clingy and might sit more figure-hugging than you'd like, you simply need to choose dresses made out of sturdier fabric. Cotton, rayon, denim, and polyester are great options to help retain the shape of the dress.

Peplum Dresses

Peplum dresses are perfect if you're trying to emulate an hourglass shape while also emphasizing your natural curves. Peplum was initially one of the more popular dress trends and has since become a staple in many people's closets. Peplum is recognizable by the noticeable ruffle that is placed at the waist.

At a glance, peplum dresses share many characteristics of bodycon dresses. But unlike bodycon dresses, the added ruffle helps make the waist look slimmer compared to your shoulders and hips.

Empire Dresses

Empire dresses gather underneath the bust instead of at your natural waistline. Doing this puts the emphasis on your upper body instead of on your middle, so the eye is naturally drawn upward.

This dress style works great for people with straight and apple body shapes.

Empire dresses also come in a variety of lengths, so you will be able to find a dress that suits any occasion.

Corset Dresses

Corset dresses might make you think of 17th and 18th-century garments and damsels fainting in the heat, but this style has become much more comfortable over the years.

Corset dresses are named after the panels that hug the torso and the laced detail at the back. Boning in these dresses is optional, so you don't have to fear that you won't be able to breathe. If boning is added, it will be shaped to emphasize the waist without causing discomfort.

Corset dresses are structured in such a way that the panels cinch in the waist and push up the bust to create an exaggerated hourglass figure. Since the dress style physically enhances your figure instead of just creating an illusion, it is the perfect style for any body shape.

Color Matters

When it comes to picking dresses that flatter your figure, you also need to take color into consideration.

You might have heard that black is a great color for flattering your figure, and that is because the color is extremely neutral and doesn't clash with the undertones in your skin. Black also helps downplay areas of your body that you don't want to highlight. That being said, you shouldn't shy away from color; you just need to pick the right color for you!

In the same way, black can be used to downplay features; you can use color to highlight features. Color and brightness are the perfect way to play up your assets! You simply need to keep the undertones of your skin in mind when picking out colors.

You also don't need to go for an all-over color look. Accessories such as belts or shoes can add a pop of color if you aren't ready to wear bright colors. Dark-colored belts can also help your waist appear slimmer and make your torso appear longer.

So go ahead and play with colors and textures to find the perfect combination.

Dresses for Curvy Women Made Easy

While this guide is here to point out the best styles of dresses for curvy women, it is important to remember that you'll only look good if you feel good. So if you find a dress you love that isn't on this list or doesn't match your body type, just remember that rules are made to be broken. So wear that dress and embody the fierce woman that you are.

Confidence is the key to feeling sexy in anything you wear, so get ready to start your fashion journey today! Check out these dresses to help you get started finding a style you love. Embrace your curves and dress to impress.