The Top Pant Styles for Plus Sized Ladies

Buying pants that fit right and look amazing is easier said than done. Click here to learn about the best pant styles for plus sized ladies.

The best pants styles for plus size ladies


According to a recent survey, 46% of women say that shopping for jeans is their biggest wardrobe challenge. 

Although the stereotype persists that women love to shop, many women dread shopping for jeans and pants. With so many pant styles and brand size discrepancies, it can feel impossible to find a pair that fits. And if you're shopping for plus-sized pants, the stakes go up even more. 

Are you ready to spend less time in the dressing room and more time feeling fabulous? Searching for the best pant styles for plus-sized women? 

Check out this guide to buying pants that will make you feel gorgeous in your curves! 

The Best Pant Styles for Plus-Sized Ladies

These are our picks for pants to embrace your feminine power and your curvaceous body shape. As always, you can wear whatever you want! Try on these styles next time you go shopping, but take home whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. 

Paper Bag Pants

These adorable trousers are way more glamorous than their name implies. Paper bag pants have a loosely tapered or wide leg and a high-rise waist with a tie closure. These pants are perfect for really cinching in your waist, drawing attention to your beautiful hips, and skimming over any insecurities. 

Boyfriend Jeans

If anyone can pull off the boyfriend jean style, plus-sized ladies do it best. Boyfriend jeans typically come in a light wash, with a mid or low-rise waist that elongates your torso and adds a slouchy, casual style. These stylish jeans feature loosely tapered legs that end just above your ankle, making them perfect to wear with heels or sneakers.

Wide-Leg Trousers

Feeling stylish yet professional is a challenge for all working women. A pair of wide-leg trousers may seem intimidating at first, but this style is an excellent choice for plus-sized women, especially in a fun pattern like plaid or houndstooth! Like the paper bag pant, it cinches in your waist and grazes over your hips and legs, balancing your legs and torso. 

Versatile Joggers

You can look fabulous chilling at home, at work, or brunch with friends with a pair of stylish joggers. High-rise and mid-rise joggers look perfect dressed up or down, and they offer the ultimate in comfortable coverage. The tapered ankle allows you to show off your shoes without feeling too revealing or overwhelmed by fabric. 

Bold Skinnies 

If you prefer skinny-fit pants, we recommend going for a bold pattern, color, or material! On their own, tight pants tend to create unbalanced proportions, making your torso seem larger and top-heavy. By opting for pleather, coated denim, sequins, or patterned pants, you'll draw some dimension back into your legs and project pure confidence!

Jumpsuits and Matching Sets

Jumpsuits and matching sets aren't exactly pants, but they are a fashionable, sexy, and trendy option for plus-sized women; plus, each piece can be worn on its own! These items are perfect all-in-one outfits that emphasize your waist, flatter your curves, and look stylish for any occasion. If you don't yet have a jumpsuit or matching set in your closet, you're missing out! 

Tips for Finding Flattering Pants

Learning what pant shapes work best for your body and lifestyle can take a lot of trial and error. Remember: pants are supposed to fit you, not the other way around. Stay positive, be kind to yourself, and don't give up! 

Every Body is Unique

It's best to accept that pants won't always fit you the same way they fit the model. The same pair of pants won't even look the same on two different plus-size women. 

Some women find it helpful to determine their body shape before they hit the boutiques. For example, some apple-shaped women may feel that mid-rise or low-rise pants are more flattering than high-rise because they elongate the torso. Women who carry their weight in a pear shape may prefer pants with a looser leg and hip, as opposed to a slim taper, to balance out their proportions. 

Material Matters

The material of your pants plays a huge role in your comfort and style, especially if you have a curvy booty, hips, and thighs. Stiffer materials like linen and silk won't look or feel nice if they are too tight, so size up in these pants if you need to. At the same time, overly-stretchy pants can look inappropriate for many occasions, so make sure you invest in high-quality fabrics! 

Size Is Just a Number

The number on the size tag is not important. With so many different pant styles, materials, and brands, you may find you need to size up or size down sometimes, and that's okay!  

What matters way more than numbers is that you look and feel comfortable in your pants. Your friends won't notice if you're wearing a size 26 instead of your normal size 22, but they will notice if your pants look too tight. Wearing pants that fit your body allows you to feel confident, instead of constantly pulling and tugging at the fabric. 

Trust in Your Tailor

Women come in so many wonderful shapes, sizes, and proportions. Unfortunately, clothing manufacturers tend to design clothes for more slim, straight bodies, even in plus-size clothing. They don't always consider that every woman carries her weight differently. 

Luckily, tailors can help you create the perfect fit for your unique shape. If you frequently struggle with gaping waistbands, tight thighs, or long hemlines, you're not alone! Purchase the pants in a size that fits your widest areas, then take them to a tailor to have the other measurements adjusted. 

Beauty in Every Form

Shopping for pants can be a real challenge, especially for plus-sized women. Next time you hit the racks for a new pair of pants, remember these flattering pant styles and helpful shopping tips!

At JC Sensuality Fashion, we believe women of all forms deserve to feel gorgeous from workday to weekend. Shop our Curvy & Sexy collection to turn heads in your new favorite outfit!